Electronut Labs Mobile App

Download the Electronut Labs mobile app :

For App usage with Papyr, follow this url

Here is a demo video of the Electronut Labs mobile app (iOS) interacting with Papyr.

Releases and Changelogs

v2.4.0 :

  • Major Upgrade with support for Blip - upcoming nRF52840 development board.

v1.4.0 :

  • Faster image transfer (Experimental).


  • Aliasing issue when drawing black on red (which generates white pixel in between) fixed.
  • Image dithering added.
  • Increased threshold max range.
  • Removed Sentry Ionic and added Sentry Angular.


  • Papyr support added
  • About menu added to Home Page
  • RLE compression for transfer of image data on papyr
  • Threshold based image operation
  • Sentry Ionic for crash reporting