MIDI sequencer with blipboy shield

This is an Arduino project you can do with Blip+Blipboy shield to make a tiny MIDI sequencer which works over BLE. MIDI protocol is a 'serial' protocol. BLE specifications have an offical MIDI transport spec too, which means you can make wireless MIDI devices!

We'll draw a 8x8 grid on Blpboy's LCD screen. Each row represents a MIDI note, For now, we'll fix them to a C major scale, 8 notes, i.e. a full octave. The sequencer code has a fixed tempo, and at every beat, it will send out a not in the current column (active ones are filled white, inactive ones empty). So that's how our basic sequencer will work.

In this project we will do 3 main things:

  • Draw a grid for the sequencer, also show current column, current edit box, and ofcourse the boxes in the grid
  • We have a total of 9 input buttons possible (4 + 5-way joystick), that is used to move the edit box, and to toggle state of a box
  • Send out notes as MIDI messages as BLE MIDI notifications

For drawing utility functions, we will use Adafruit's GFX graphics library for Arduino, and for our specific LCD we'll use our ILI9163 library.

For MIDI, we'll need Francois Best's MIDI library. Bluefruit library from Adafruit is already present inside Arduino core for Blip, so that does not need installing.

To make button input easy, we'll use Button library.

The source code can be found at:

To connect and listen to what is being played, you can try the following two apps:

  1. MIDI BLE Connect
  2. Fluidsynth MIDI Synthesizer, or any other compatible one also like Synthesia


  • https://learn.adafruit.com/wireless-untztrument-using-ble-midi/android
  • https://newt.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/notes.html