Indrium Pi Hat

This is an experimental product still under development

Indrium pi-hat

What is Indrium Pi HAT ?

Indrium Pi HAT - a Nordic nRF52840 shield for Raspberry Pi 3b+ that converts it into a low power wireless gateway for BLE and 802.15.4 based networks. It has a NFC reader on it which can be used for commisioning / provisiong devices.


  • MDBT50 BLE/802.15.4 module - Nordic semiconductor nRF52840
    • Can be programmed with the Pi using Openocd and Pi's GPIOs
    • Can run a qualified BLE controller as HCI-Uart, from Zephyr RTOS project for extra BLE on your pi
    • Can run Openthread's NCP firmware over SPI to make your Pi into a Thread gateway
    • Can make your Pi into a 6lowpan gateway
  • NFC reader using PN532
    • Can be used as a commisioning / provisioning mechanism for a Thread network for example
  • 2 buttons for your Pi
  • RGB LED as status indicator


You can find the schematic for this board at this link.

Code Repository

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